We are helping our clients for gaining Turkish citizenship with our team of lawyers who are specialist in citizenship applications and we do our best for our clients to gain Turkish citizenship as soon as possible.

Also, if our clients want us to help them with choosing the real estates which are appropriate to the qualifications, we guarantee to find the best options for them.

When our clients actualize the following conditions for gaining the Turkish citizenship, we will also get Turkish citizenship for their wife and kids. (kids should be under 18 years old.)

It is really important to make these applications with an expert on this subject for to not losing time and not to spend more money which you should spend.

As explained below, you will see the ways and conditions to get Turkish citizenship.

Ways to gain Turkish citizenship;

1) Buying a real-estate worth at least 250.000 USD and not selling at least 3 years.

2) Establishing or buying a company which worth at least 500.000 USD

3) Depositing at least 500.000 USD or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira in banks operating in Turkey with the condition of not to withdraw for at least three years.

4) Hiring at least 50 Turkish people.

As you see, there are various ways of gaining Turkish citizenship. Since the method 1 (Buying a real-estate worth at least 250.000 USD) is the most preferred and advantageous one, we will explain you this method.

Buying a real-estate worth at least 250.000 USD

At first, unfortunately we should say the Syrians cannot buy properties in Turkey due to legal conditions.

When our clients want to gain Turkish citizenship with using this method, at first we learn some of the essential informations from clients. After we learn what we have to know, we are starting to search for the best property options for our clients. If the clients already have a property in their mind, our team of lawyers search if there is any prevention to buy this property. When there are no preventions or all the preventions are overcome we are getting start for the property purchasing process. This is the part which is the most important and open to make mistakes. Because of this importance, it should be followed by an specialist. When any mistakes are happen at this part, it will cost you extra time and extra money.

At the end of the purchasing and getting the tittle deed, the citizenship applicants commit not to sell the property at least 3 years. 

If they sell the property despite this condition, their citizenship status are re-discussing.

Gaining the citizenship with buying a property is the most advantageous method for some. Turkey is a developing country and as you know Istanbul is one of the metropolises in the world. (But of course buying property method is not limited with Istanbul, you can buy a property in all over of Turkey with the condition of worth 250.000 USD)

If you would like to get more information and work with our specialist lawyers, please contact us from the email below.